Without proper security, businesses will always be susceptible to different kinds of risks that can jeopardize the safety of their constituents. The owner, along with their employees and customers, should always be protected from external threats. For this reason, business executives must hire professionals who can make everyone feel safe and secure while doing their day-to-day operations.

If you wish to protect your business from different kinds of physical dangers, United Security Guards can help. We are a US-based agency that offers professional security services to our clients. Contact our team if you want to hire a corporate security guard in Arizona today.

Different Kinds of Threats Faced by Businesses

Corporate businesses should always keep their guard up because, at any given time, they face many kinds of dangers. In a nutshell, however, all these threats can be classified into two types: virtual and physical. Both are extremely harmful, and business owners should employ specialists to help improve corporate security as a whole.

Cyber threats are any types of potential dangers to the computer network system of the business. These kinds of virtual assaults include phishing, identity theft, malware attacks, and message tapping. It is sometimes hard to determine the motive behind these attacks, but the bottom line is that they are extremely dangerous. If a computer is hacked, all confidential information stored there can be seen and stolen.

Physical attacks are often more straightforward, and in most cases, they involve going inside the building premises. If you contact United Security Guards today, you can hire a corporate security guard in Arizona. We can help protect you, your clients, and your employees from different kinds of physical threats, such as the following:


One of the most common reasons for breaching physical security is to steal company property. Most business offices, after all, house many valuable items, like computers and mobile devices. Furniture, appliances, and other office equipment may be heavy and bulky, but they can still be stolen.

Thieves do not always go for large and expensive items. They can target document folders and file cases to get a hold of confidential information about the company’s employees and customers.


Because of the corporate power they hold, business executives are often targeted people who want to cause mischief or extort money. To protect themselves, they hire personal guards to accompany them each time they go out of company premises. In some cases, they even wear bulletproof vests and use armored cars when they travel.

Unauthorized Entry

There are many ways people can enter the office building even without permission. The most straightforward is breaking in through the window or the door when no one is looking. Another method is tailgating, which is often done in stealth. This happens when an unauthorized person follows an employee or a client inside the premises without getting noticed.

Keep in mind that most kinds of physical attacks against corporate security can only be done by going inside the company premises. This means that catching trespassers even before they can get in is one of the best ways to keep your employees and clients safe. To do that, you need to hire a corporate security guard in Arizona. Contact United Security, LLC today to learn how.


Sometimes, physical security attacks are done just to commit vandalism and damage company property. They come in many forms, such as smearing walls with paint, smashing glass doors and windows, destroying the landscape, and breaking CCTVs. No matter how they are done, the bottom line is that the business will lose money by paying for the repairs.

To quell acts of vandalism, business owners should employ the right personnel. Hire a corporate security guard in Arizona today to help you keep your company’s property safe at all times. Reach out to us at United Security, LLC for more information.