Campuses should be a safe place for everyone, especially students and educators. Pupils need to have the peace of mind that they are free from harm at any given time. The same goes for teachers. They will not be able to impart their knowledge to everyone in class if they feel any sense of danger. This is why school administrators need to hire professional guards to ensure everyone’s safety.

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Why Are School Security Guards Needed?

Many kinds of security issues, like theft, trespassing, and acts of violence, are always present in schools. These problems have a significant impact on the lives of students and other people on campus. While these concerns cannot be quelled entirely, the chances of them happening can be significantly diminished by hiring a school security guard in Arizona. Here are a few of the reasons they are needed:

They Ward Off Intruders

One of the primary duties of a school security guard in Arizona is preventing intruders from getting inside the campus. Only students, faculty members, and staff will be allowed to enter. In some cases, they should be wearing proper uniforms and present their ID before they are let in.

People who are not part of the school will be barred at the gate. Parents of students, as well as individuals who were invited by teachers or school administrators, should show proof of their identity first. Without certification, they will not be allowed entry inside the campus. If they look suspicious, the guard might send them away from the area.

They Reduce Fighting Inside the Campus

There are many ways to prevent fistfights, brawls, and other kinds of physical violence from happening inside the campus. One of the things a school administrator can do is increase the number of security guards in the area. Those who want to start a fight against their classmates will surely think twice if they know that someone with higher authority can see them.

If a fight between students still starts even in the presence of a security guard, it will immediately be stopped. Those who are involved will either be brought to the guidance office. Their teachers and counselors will take action, depending on the gravity of what the students did.

They Prevent Theft and Property Damage

Security personnel also protect school property from being stolen or damaged by anyone. After all, there are many valuable items inside the campus. Computers, for example, are pretty expensive, so it is not easy for school administrators to procure them. Not to mention, these computers may contain confidential files, like the personal information of students or staff.

The computer room is not the only area inside the school that houses many valuable items. The library is filled with many books that are often pricey, while the Science laboratory contains many equipment and devices that can be pretty costly. Also, the music room and the art studio have many valuable items that should be well-guarded.

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What Do School Security Guards Do?

A school security guard in Arizona is expected to perform several duties to ensure that students, teachers, and other school staff are kept safe from harm at all times. The tasks that they have to do every day include:

Checking IDs and Uniforms

One of the primary responsibilities of a school guard is to prevent unwanted people from entering the school premises. Even in a small school, though, there are hundreds if not thousands of students, and it is virtually impossible for anyone to memorize all of their faces. So, to properly perform their duties of keeping intruders away, guards have to check if everyone coming inside the school is wearing their proper uniform.

School guards also have to check the IDs of the people who want to enter. The ID should be valid for the year and should bear the name of the wearer, their recent photo, and their position in the school. Guards must do this to ensure that anyone who wants to come inside is either a student, a teacher, a staff member, or an authorized representative.

As a rule, anyone who does not have an ID should be barred from entering the premises. However, there are rare instances when someone without the school ID will be allowed to come inside. This can happen if they can show proof that they were, in fact, invited by someone with authority, such as a faculty member or the principal itself.

Patrols Around the Campus

Guards, on certain occasions, are expected to roam around the campus to ensure that nothing suspicious is happening on the school premises. They will patrol the hallways during class hours to prevent students from loitering around. Anyone who is not inside their room will be asked for a valid reason. If they cannot explain why they are outside, they will immediately be sent back to the classroom or reported to their teacher.

During breaks, school guards may also patrol the ground again to check if the students are behaving appropriately. After all, it is during this time when bullying is highly likely to happen. Guards should roam around the campus, particularly near the cafeteria and locker rooms, to ensure that everyone is taking their recess hours properly and not trying to physically or verbally abuse their peers.

Aside from incidents of bullying, school guards watch out for other types of incidents that endanger the students’ welfare too. An accident during recess can immediately be acted upon if a guard sees it and reports it to authorities. Fights and brawls between students can also be prevented if a school guard patrols the campus.

Patrolling does not stop even after class hours. A school guard, in many cases, will roam around the campus once more after everyone has gone home. Doing so ensures that no student can stay inside the campus after all classes have ended. If they see anyone, they will be asked to provide a valid excuse, such as completing school projects or assisting a teaching staff. Otherwise, they will be sent home immediately.

Guiding Visitors Around

In some cases, guests will come to the school to visit somebody inside. They can be a parent or a guardian of a student who went to the school because of an emergency concerning their child. The guest can also be an authority from another school or a government office who came over to perform specific duties.

There is a possibility that the guests do not know the way around yet, especially if it is their first time visiting the campus. A school guard can be their temporary guide to help them find the room or office that they should go to.

Because of this duty, security personnel needs to be polite at all times. If you are looking for highly trained school security guards in Arizona who can perform this task properly, do not hesitate to contact our company. United Security Guards can help you hire the right personnel that perfectly fit the job assigned to them.

Monitoring CCTV Cameras

Schools are allowed to install closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras around the campus, provided that they do not violate anyone’s right to privacy. They are commonly placed in strategic locations and common areas, such as corridors, cafeterias, building entrances, and playgrounds. These cameras are extremely beneficial in curbing incidents of theft, physical harassment, and fighting among students.

However, someone needs to monitor the feed captured by these devices in real-time, and this is where the role of school security guards comes to play. They should closely watch what happens in the areas where the cameras are installed and respond immediately if they notice something amiss.

Responding to Emergencies

Emergencies happen from time to time inside the school’s perimeter. During these circumstances, the first ones who should act are teachers, health staff, and, of course, security guards. That is why they must be highly trained to respond to certain cases of emergencies, such as:

Accidents – Students, during their breaks, sometimes have fun and get a bit physical with each other. So, it is quite inevitable that accidents would happen while they play. Aside from teachers and nurses, school guards are expected to respond to this kind of situation, especially if they are the first ones to witness it.

Bomb Threats – In rare instances, someone will say that they found an explosive device inside the school premises. Whether or not the threat is true, security guards should be trained enough to know how to act when this kind of situation arises. They should act calmly to analyze the situation and help prevent students and teachers from panicking. Someone among their ranks should also call authorities right away.

Fire – There are areas in the school that are always at risk of catching fire. A few examples include the cafeteria and the laboratory. However, even regular classrooms, offices, and libraries are not entirely safe from this hazard. In case of a fire, security guards should respond quickly and try to extinguish it to prevent it from spreading. They should also call the fire department if they cannot put it out on their own.

It is true that emergencies can never be avoided entirely, but school authorities can definitely prepare for them. One way to do so is to hire security staff members that are highly trained to respond to these situations. We can help you find those professionals here at United Security Guards. The personnel that you can hire from us know how to act in cases of emergencies. Contact us today to learn more!