It is vital to have security guards within most establishments. These uniformed personnel are commonly seen in various industries, including construction, healthcare, mining, and hospitality. They help deter crimes and provide a heightened sense of safety to everyone in the area.

At United Security Guards, we have hotel security guards in Arizona who can help protect your property and guests. We only hire trained and licensed individuals who exhibit honesty, integrity, and professionalism. To learn more about our services, contact us today.

Why Do Hotels Need Hotel Security Guards in Arizona?

Running a hotel means that you have to help people book their rooms while ensuring that they have an enjoyable stay. Aside from other similar administrative tasks, one of the biggest jobs of hotel management is securing the facility as well as protecting residents and staff.

People who travel for recreational and business reasons expect safe and secure accommodations. Hotels always have standard security protocols in place in case any incidents happen, such as theft, invasion of privacy, and more.  Professional security officers have the knowledge and training required to supplement these rules and handle any difficult situation swiftly without disturbing other guests.

What Are the Benefits of Having Hotel Security Guards in Arizona?

According to the American Hotel & Lodging Association, there are more than 54,200 hotels in the United States. These properties have a total of over 5 million guest rooms.

Staff and management are responsible for keeping everyone within a hotel’s premises safe. By hiring professional hotel security guards in Phoenix, you can achieve the following results:

Deters Criminal Activity

A 2018 study by the Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing analyzed TripAdvisor reviews to create a typology of hotel crimes. The researchers found that “high-class hotels experienced more theft, fraud, and burglary inside guestrooms while low-class hotels encountered more prostitution and drug-related activities.”

Security personnel can help prevent crime from happening on hotel grounds since officers pose a deterrent to lawbreakers. Aside from reducing attempted crime, hotel security can reduce the risk of violence or injury. They also keep an eye on the entrance and exit points to monitor who are within the premises.

Maintains Peace and Order

Guards are trained in various practices. By monitoring video surveillance and patrolling the halls and outdoor areas, they help maintain a safe and secure environment for your employees and guests.

Furthermore, it has been found by the US Department of Justice that most crimes are planned rather than impulsive. Security officers know how to predict, assess, and respond to crimes. They always keep an eye out for suspicious activity and get a good look at people’s faces to ensure that no one on your property is wanted by the government.

Monitors and Maintains the Integrity of Key Card Access

Nowadays, most hotels use magstripe or smart cards in place of actual keys. These items ensure that an individual can only access a hotel room if they can properly place the access card by the door’s reader.

Similar to most developments in technology, hotel key cards are not entirely immune to misuse. You can approach security personnel if you believe that someone has been inside your room without you knowing. Additionally, you should alert them if any of your items have gone missing.

Prevents or Limits Property Damage

From scratched cars in parking lots to broken windows in guest rooms, various acts of vandalism may happen on your property. These can often result in costly lawsuits or a tarnished reputation. In addition, your insurance may not cover the repair expenses, depending on the circumstances.

By patrolling the premises during different times of the day, security personnel can lower the chances of such incidents. These uniformed officers can also stop these crimes before they escalate and monitor security cameras to catch perpetrators in the act.

Protects Guests and Staff

Hotels are usually the venues for conferences and high-profile business meetings that may include government officials, politicians, or celebrities. Since these people are expected to gather a large audience, security guards can keep unknown people out of your property and help manage the crowd.

Furthermore, since there may be cases where your staff is handling offensive guests and visitors, the guards can also help control such situations. Officers will ensure that things don’t escalate by diffusing the tension before anything becomes physical.

Quick Emergency Response

Usually trained to handle emergencies, security guards can quickly act based on the protocol specified by the client. They will stay in touch with the dispatcher, a supervisor, or another guard during an alarm response to ensure that everyone is informed of the current situation.

If an illegal act is witnessed or confirmed from the findings, officers are obligated to call the police immediately and remove themselves from the crime scene. Their own safety is their priority, so they should observe the area from a safe distance as they wait for help to arrive.

When you choose United Security Guards, you can be sure that we can assemble a team of professionals who meet all your needs and preferences. Rest assured that all our officers are thoroughly trained, screened, and supervised by our executive staff. Trust that they will help keep your hotel safe. Reach out to us today for more information.

What Are the Duties of Hotel Security Guards in Arizona?

Hotel security is a full-time or part-time position that requires strategic thinking and planning. These uniformed personnel follow a chain of command, occasionally working with the local police department if a situation calls for it. Some of the duties of hotel security guards in Scottsdale include:

Escorting People In and Out of the Hotel

Accompanying guests from their vehicles to the main entrance fall under the duties of security guards. If valet parking staff is unavailable late at night, these uniformed personnel can escort you to your destination as long as it’s still within the hotel property. This is one of their duties because any crime or altercation that happens within the vicinity may affect the hotel’s reputation and credibility.

Investigating Disturbances

During their shift, security officers must be on call at any time to investigate disturbances reported by guests or staff. These include excess noise coming from a particular room or sightings of suspicious people on hotel grounds. For situations that call for it, guards may also contact local authorities for further assistance.

Maintaining Order

Most people go to a hotel to attend a conference or relax with their loved ones. Due to the high volume of guests, security guards are expected to control the crowd and ensure that no accidents happen. They also make sure that no one is too rowdy or noisy for the benefit of everyone on site.

Performing Surveillance

The bulk of a security guard’s daily tasks is patrolling hotel grounds, parking lots, lobbies, restaurants, and hallways. By doing so, they provide a sense of security to all staff and guests by simply being present.

Officers may be tasked only to roam a specific area for larger establishments. At the same time, one member from their security team will be assigned to a surveillance room to oversee everything using closed-circuit television cameras.

Reporting to Supervisors and Management

Lastly, all security guards are required to report all suspicious activity to their supervisors or hotel management. They usually use a radio to relay updates in real time. Aside from this, they log incidents and indicate whether they’ve been resolved or not.

What Are the Skills and Qualifications of Hotel Security Guards in Arizona?

The role of a security officer is multifaceted. Aside from patrolling, securing, and monitoring premises, they guard valuable items, supervise activities, and respond to possible emergencies. As a result, hotel security guards in Glendale usually have the following skills and qualifications:

Past Security, Military, or Law Enforcement Experience

Although prior security, military, or law enforcement experience isn’t required, it can be helpful for hotel security guards. Every security company sets its own requirements for the unarmed and armed security positions they seek to fill. Having previous experience as a uniformed officer may also serve as a substitute for education requirements.