Special events are held regularly, and planners need to consider security when handling the logistics of it all. Poor management and crowd control, as well as ineffective emergency response, increase the chances of possible injuries and property damages. To ensure that your guests or participants are safe, you need to hire professionally trained security guards.

Fortunately, United Security Guards can help you. We are one of the top event security companies in Arizona that has licensed and insured security professionals. Our personnel are on call 24/7, and we utilize a multifunctional, web-based command and control system to schedule, brief, train, track, and manage all our field personnel.

What Is Event Security?

Event security is far more than peppering the venue with trained guards. The process of ensuring the safety of a large crowd is quite complex, and it requires back-and-forth communication between various parties.

Officers from event security companies in Scottsdale help you make sure that everything goes smoothly during the event you’ve organized. They come up with security strategies, conduct risk assessments, address vulnerabilities, and more. Furthermore, they are trained to act in emergencies and handle any potential threats or dangers.

What Are the Kinds of Events Where You Need Help From Event Security Companies in Arizona?

There are various events where you may need professional guards from event security companies in Phoenix to maintain peace and order. These include:


The seating capacity of a concert depends on the venue. Arenas can typically hold 5,000 to 20,000 people, while festival sites can accommodate 10,000 to 120,000 patrons. By hiring professional guards, you can have the peace of mind that you will have someone there to break up possible fights, offer assistance to those in need, provide the venue information to individuals who are lost, and oversee crowd behavior.


Whether you’re celebrating your loved one’s 18th birthday or the success of a business project, you’ll want your guests to enjoy your celebratory bash while keeping safe. Security officers can make sure that there are no gate crashers and create a plan to prevent accidents. According to your needs and preferences, they can also be as discreet or overt as you want them to be.

Corporate Events

No matter how big or small your corporate event is, you need to make a good impression on your company by ensuring that everything is in order. Security guards can help you achieve this while keeping a low profile. They’ll also make sure to minimize any disruptions to allow you to concentrate on delivering a great event with a successful outcome.


Hiring security guards for one of the most memorable days of your life can ensure that everything goes according to plan. These professionals can prevent wedding crashers from attending the special event by having a check-in list at the venue’s entrance. They will double-check that everyone who enters was given a wedding invitation or part of the guest list. However, if you prefer something more casual, you can also have them patrol the area.

Government Affairs

Security officers can help you safeguard officials and other important guests. Government guards are generally armed and highly trained. Regardless of where you position them in the location, you can be sure that they can maintain peace and order, secure the area, and defend government personnel.

No gathering is too big or too small for guards. At United Security Guards, we can provide you with a team of trained individuals who can patrol and monitor activity at any location. These professionals can offer you and your guests peace of mind since security officers help deter crime and act according to any emergency.

How Much Security Is Needed for an Event?

Consider the size of your event or party to figure out how many security guards you’ll require. Having 1 guard for every 100 people is the standard. However, you may need to follow a different ratio depending on your guests’ occupations and popularity.

Small- to Medium-Sized Functions

It’s important to note that smaller-scale events do not necessarily mean fewer security personnel. Those held outdoors in a wide area may require several guards to ensure that the premises are safe and no one is going into spots where they aren’t allowed.

Furthermore, events can quickly become difficult to control if uninvited guests make an appearance. You can count on officers can ensure that everyone in attendance is part of your guest list. They will also carefully watch over the numerous entry and exit points throughout the event.

Large Events

Security officers are a must for larger events. A high-profile gathering with expensive assets on display and VIPs in attendance may require more visibly armed personnel. On the other hand, a more low-key event may require fewer guards.

Furthermore, functions where alcohol is served and a high-energy atmosphere can be found will require professionals to roam the grounds. This can help you avoid any possible legal issues by ensuring everyone is safe and no one becomes accidentally injured.

What Are the Types of Event Security?

Here is a list of different kinds of professionals that you can hire from event security companies in Glendale:

General Guards

These professionals are tasked to guard everything within the limits of their post and obey any special orders given during their shift. They are expected to report any violations they’ve handled and help in any capacity they can during times of emergency. Lastly, they can also only quit their post when properly relieved of their duties.


Usually ex-military or special forces with unique skill sets, bodyguards are skilled in assessing possible threats. Their clients are individuals who are always in the public eye, putting them at risk of encountering thieves, stalkers, and overzealous fans.

Furthermore, bodyguards are also highly organized. Since they are usually with their clients the entire day, it is usual for them to plot out routes to get from point A to point B in addition to planning daily activities and security measures. Their other responsibilities include securing public locations, performing background checks, escorting clients, managing large crowds, and more.


Commonly seen by the gates or barriers of an event place, gatekeepers are professionals who stand by entry and exit points to prevent unwanted traffic from coming through. They are given a specific set of instructions to ensure that all the guests who entered the premises.

Crowd Control Officers

Aside from patrolling the area, crowd control officers offer help to authorized guests and watch for safety hazards. They also monitor security systems and disrupt any altercations before they escalate. If ever the situation they’re facing is too much for them to handle alone, they are trained to alert the proper authorities.

K9 Dog Patrols

These mobile patrol guards follow both random and scheduled inspections to watch out for suspicious activity. Using security dogs, they use K9 units to apprehend and pursue suspects who attempt to flee from them.

Security personnel is also trained to communicate effectively with their dogs to ensure that they garner positive results. These canines have specific skill sets, such as identifying smuggled or narcotic goods, detecting accelerants, and more.

Armed Guards

Since these officers are equipped with a weapon during their shift, armed guards go through significant training. They are taught the protocols and permits needed when handling firearms and how to determine which situations could require them to use their gun.

Armed guards are usually required to have a firearm safety certificate to show that they are up to date with all the latest skills when handling a firearm. Most of these officers also have CPR and first aid knowledge. Ultimately, they have similar duties as other guards, such as patrolling, surveilling, and ensuring general safety and order.

Regardless of what type you may need, rest assured that United Security Guards can help you. Our team will listen to you and determine your needs preferences to assemble a team of professionals who can safeguard you and your guests. Feel free to reach out to us today.