Residential properties need to have tight security to protect everyone living inside. An apartment complex may have to enforce stricter measures to ensure the safety of the tenants who are renting the units. This is why property owners often request help from security agencies to hire someone who can be stationed near the gate to prevent unauthorized entry.

Aside from security guards, an apartment building also needs a courtesy patrol officer. If you want to hire one, reach out to us at United Security Guards today. We are an Arizona-based agency that aims to provide professional security services to our clients. Contact our team today to hire a courtesy patrol in Arizona.

Common Mistakes Apartment Owners Make

Mistakes are sometimes unavoidable. However, when it comes to the issue of safety and security of your property, any error in judgment can spell trouble in the long run. This is why as a manager or owner of an apartment complex, you should be wary about committing any of these mistakes:

Depending Too Much on CCTVs

Installing CCTVs in strategic places is indeed a great way to improve building security. However, these monitoring devices are not entirely flawless, so relying on them too much is not a good thing. After all, the best these cameras could do is take footage of people. They can only film but cannot physically stop anyone, especially those who want to enter the premises without permission.

Also, if ever a trespasser gets caught on cam, the footage will most likely be grainy if you are using old CCTVs. Even newer models, however, still have flaws. After all, they still have plenty of blind spots that anyone can exploit if they want to break into your apartment building. CCTVs work best if they are complemented by other security measures. So, even if you have cameras installed, it is still necessary to hire guards.

Failing to Conduct a Security Audit

Performing a security audit on a regular basis helps you understand the different problems that may jeopardize the safety of your tenants. If you know the issues, you can easily think of proper ways to solve them.

Security audits need to be thorough. Go around the building premises and check whether you have broken padlocks, damaged windows or doors, malfunctioning CCTVs, or burnt-out lights. Request replacement or repairs from professionals right away and hire more security personnel if needed. It is also a good idea to speak with your tenants to learn about their specific security concerns.

Not Hiring Enough Security Staff

Believe it or not, many apartment owners employ just one security guard to be stationed at the main gate of the building. In some cases, they do not even hire anybody because they think that they can just call the cops if anything happens. This is a grave mistake that any apartment owner should never make. By not having enough security personnel, you are making your building and your tenants susceptible to different threats.

There is no hard-and-fast rule in deciding how many security staff you need for your apartment. However, you need at least one security guard for each point of entry to your building. Aside from the staff who will be stationed at the gates, it is necessary to hire a courtesy patrol officer. They will be tasked to go around the whole area to do day-to-day inspections.

If you wish to hire a security guard or a courtesy patrol in Arizona, United Security Guards is the right agency to ask for help. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to get a quote.