Construction is a vast and valuable industry that requires storing and utilizing high-value vehicles, materials, tools, and machinery. These items have resale value, while other items, such as fuel, have an offset cost value. Having costly items lying around the area makes construction sites a lucrative target for criminals.

According to Aviva, the construction industry loses £400 million per year due to theft and roughly the same amount due to vandalism and fire. Unauthorized entry into a construction site presents several threats, which is why the need for security guards is essential for everyone.

What is Construction Site Security?

When it comes to protecting your business, it’s essential to take your construction site security seriously. Although each job site will face its own set of risks, there are some basic practices you can put in place to help prevent major crimes or losses.

Security cameras and guards effectively prevent crime on-site. However, security cameras that simply record only provide evidence in court after the crime has occurred. Having security guards patrol the area is an efficient and surefire way to proactively deter criminals from even stepping foot in your property.

At United Security Agency, our guards are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We always strive to ensure the safety of your work site. Allow us to earn your trust and demonstrate a different side of private security.

Benefits of Hiring Guards for Construction Site Security in Arizona

Although hiring security guards to protect the site may appear like a considerable investment, it is highly beneficial to a business in the long run. Construction site security guards keep an eye on the premises and provide peace of mind to employees.

While every business has the potential for growth, it also has the potential for failure. Having protocols in place for the location, security, and accountability of equipment, materials, visitors, contractors, and employees provides efficient productivity.

Construction Site Security Arizona

Every phase of the construction project is unique, and as such, each step requires a different type of security. At United Security Agency, we make sure to meet your needs and demands for any of your construction sites.

Construction Site Security Phoenix

United Security Agency understands the importance of securing construction sites and maintaining a safe work environment for our clients in Phoenix, Arizona. Our guards are committed to eliminating work site theft and other crimes from your work environment. This could save you time, money, and other valuable resources.

Preventing theft and vandalism requires a combination of three factors: people, processes, and technology. If you use the proper security measures, you can effectively keep unwanted people out of your area.

Construction Site Security Scottsdale

Preventing theft and vandalism requires a combination of three factors: people, processes, and technologies. If you use the proper security measures, you can effectively keep unwanted people out of your area. At United Security Agency, we have you covered.

Construction Site Security Glendale

Clients in Glendale can hire unarmed private security officers from United Security Agency. To help keep our businesses and communities safe, our agency provides uniformed security officers who are thoroughly trained, screened, and supervised by our executive staff.

Frequently Asked Questions about Construction Site Security 

What exactly is the role of site security?

Construction site security is critical for deterring criminal activity on construction sites. You must be able to monitor and even control the flow of all vehicles, deliveries, and visitors at the job site. With our help, you can be sure that all aspects of security at your site is handled by industry professionals.

How can the construction site keep theft at bay?

Secure tools and building materials in storage boxes and cargo trailers with heavy-gauge, tamper-resistant locks and chains to keep your construction site safe. Maintain a record log of all materials, tools, equipment, and keys to ensure that everything is in order at the end of each workday.

What exactly is the job of a construction security guard?

On a busy construction site, security officers play a variety of critical roles. Their presence on-site helps to prevent theft, minimize property damage, and deter vandals. They can also respond quickly to unexpected events such as fires, accidents, and other potentially hazardous circumstances.

How frequently are construction sites robbed?

According to the National Equipment Register, up to $1 billion in equipment, materials, and appliances are stolen from construction sites each year. Of these incidents, only about 25% of the missing items were recovered.

What exactly is the job of a construction security officer?

Mobile guards provide a cost-effective visual deterrent, as well as a rapid and effective response to any security breaches. They achieve this by moving around and monitoring various locations, performing foot patrols, providing open-air security, and operating marked patrol vehicles.

What is the significance of construction site security?

Unfortunately, temporary construction site security is required due to vandalism and theft. After all, theft and vandalism on the construction site may not only incur high additional costs, but they also cause delays, resulting in the project being completed later than expected.

Why should you be concerned with construction site security?

Construction sites may be a target of various criminal activities due to the valuable assets and expensive materials lying around the site. These items must always be protected and secured at all times. This practice would not only deter potential losses but also earn the confidence of your clients.

What does the construction site look like at night? 

Look for areas that require extra security on your job site at night, both before and after construction begins. Work sites appear different at night than they do during the day, so make sure you understand what potential thieves see when they scope out the property.

The goal is to make the location appear unassuming and challenging to reach, even at night. You might also want to take more proactive steps by boosting the security measures during the evening.

Is there anything obvious on the site that requires extra security? 

While you’re there at night, you can work on identifying “safety zones” that are easily visible from the road. If you discover vulnerable areas on your job site, do everything you can during the day to make those areas less appealing to thieves and criminals. You might also want to hire security experts to conduct a thorough assessment of your site.

What exactly is a security supervisor?

A security supervisor oversees guards who protect private property from theft and vandalism. They are in charge of scheduling, arranging the patrol routines, and making sure that each security personnel are properly doing their jobs efficiently.

What is the security rule?

To ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and security of electronic protected health information, the Security Rule requires appropriate administrative, physical, and technical safeguards.

Are cameras installed on construction sites?

There is no doubt that construction site security cameras and systems can help reduce job site theft and vandalism. However, they are frequently exposed to dust, dirt, rain, bugs, or other natural elements. In addition, some construction sites, job sites, homes, or houses under construction do not always have power accessible on the site.

Construction site cameras, such as battery-powered and solar-powered variants, could be helpful for monitoring or preventing theft and stealing on construction sites that lack power. According to National Crime Information Center data, construction site security cameras are significantly effective in states with a higher risk of job site theft, including Texas, North Carolina, and Florida.


What is your plan for construction site security? Construction sites are open to the public, and they are highly vulnerable to equipment thieves, trespassers, crane climbers, and vandals. Statistically, they have high injury and fatality rates, making a security strategy critical for these locations.

Aside from hiring guards, a thorough risk assessment process can help you identify potential security threats. Examine the construction site for safety hazards and other issues, and look for spots where criminal activities may occur. Remember to emphasize your own strengths as well.

Sketch the property’s layout and mark any existing security measures. The risk assessment will assist you in determining which construction site security measures to implement.  Every construction site project follows a set process, which can be used to develop a routine procedure and comprehensive checklist. This ensures that you never skip a step when starting a new project.

Include the following items in your construction site security plan:

  • Subject all prospective employees to background checks. You must also ask your vendors to do the same.
  • Create and post a list of emergency contact information, including local emergency services.
  • Create a written security policy for the website.
  • Create a detailed job site security plan.
  • Assign security supervisory responsibilities.
  • Encourage all employees to be security conscious.
  • Before beginning a job, contact the police and fire departments to establish a cooperative effort for site security.
  • Contact the management bodies of the neighboring properties and encourage them to report any suspicious activity on and around the property.
  • Require workers to report incidents of theft and vandalism as soon as possible.
  • Report all losses and suspected criminal incidents to the police as soon as possible.
  • Keep detailed records of all security threats.
  • Participate in local groups or associations that work toward preventing construction-site theft and vandalism.

At United Security Agency, we are fully committed to helping you keep your site safe and secure for your workers, clients, and visitors. Whenever you need reliable security guards, make sure to email us for details!