Businesses that are part of the hospitality industry need tight security. After all, they need to keep their guests and employees safe at all times and prevent any kind of property loss or damage. Bars and clubs are not exempted from this rule. In fact, these establishments need to impose even stricter measures and employ more security staff.

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Security Concerns for Bars and Clubs

Bar and club security in Arizona should always be on heightened alert because of different threats. These security concerns can compromise the safety of guests and employees. If they are not handled properly, they can result in injury, accidents, and damage to property. As a bar and club owner, you should always keep an eye out for these security issues:

Unauthorized Entry

When a bar or club opens at night, they expect a lot of people to come in to spend time and possibly have a drink. Since alcohol is sometimes involved, only people older than 21 can legally enter the establishment. Depending on the policies of the place, minors may be allowed to go inside if they have a guardian accompanying them. However, even if they are permitted entry, they still cannot be served alcohol.

Some bars and clubs, meanwhile, have exclusive membership policies. This means only members who can present their IDs can enter. The same goes for places that have been booked privately. In this case, only the people on the guestlist are allowed to get inside.

Security guards and door supervisors are hired by bar and club owners to prevent unauthorized entry. This way, guests that are already inside the premises can enjoy their time without worry. Employees can also feel safe by knowing that they are only serving their intended customers.

Misconduct of Guests

It is the duty of the managers and owners of bars and clubs to ensure that the establishment is a safe space for their guests. However, with alcohol involved, it is possible for some people to get drunk and commit mischief. It is not uncommon for a fight – both verbal and physical – to happen inside bars and clubs, but security personnel should always intervene and stop it before anyone gets injured.

Staff members who are in charge of security in bars and clubs are highly trained to deal with such issues. They know the right moment to intervene, and they understand that there are some things that they are not allowed to do legally. After stopping the fight, the guests might have to be sent away to prevent any more problems. Cops may have to be called, too, especially if someone got injured or if private property is damaged.


Incidents of theft are a major problem among many commercial establishments. At bars and clubs, the things that are often stolen are not the items being sold but the customers’ personal belongings. Phones, wallets, purses, and other possessions are often casually left on the table, making it easy for thieves to steal them. There are many things you can do to prevent this, and hiring guards is one of them.

With enough guards stationed inside, anyone who wants to steal another person’s belongings will think twice. However, in rare instances, theft still happens even in the presence of guards. Sometimes, the thief is not caught, but there are also cases when another person witnesses the crime and reports it to the bar employees and security personnel. When this happens, a highly trained guard should know what to do.

The laws regarding this type of incident may differ from one state to another. However, the safest way to handle it is to reach out to the suspected individuals in a calm manner and assess the situation. In many cases, they will cooperate if they are approached politely and without hostility. This also prevents them from harming anyone in case they have a dangerous weapon with them.

If an individual is caught in the act of stealing another person’s belongings, here are some things you should keep in mind:

Do not try to approach them alone. It is better to have the witness with you and another security staff on standby. Outnumbering them will most likely prevent them from fighting back. Do not go overboard, though. If you bring too many guards with you, they might panic and cause a commotion.

Immediately introduce yourself and show your ID if necessary because it gives you credibility. Tell them calmly that someone witnessed what they did and that you want to talk to them privately. It is also a good idea to try not to touch them before you have identified yourself.

Escort them properly to the back office and speak with them about the offense they have committed. If possible, retrieve the item from them and have another staff member check and return it to its owner. What happens next depends on the policies of the bar itself. In some cases, the person can be banned from the establishment because of what they did.

If, by any chance, they do not cooperate, it is best to call the cops right away. Try not to use force unless you need to defend yourself. After making the emergency call, wait for police officers to arrive and let them handle the situation.

Fire and Other Emergency Situations

In any given situation, a fire can break out somewhere in the establishment, especially if the customers are allowed to smoke cigarettes within the premises of the building. It can also start in the kitchen where the food is being prepared. When the need arises, a guard should know how to put out the fire at once and prevent it from spreading. If it cannot be extinguished, they should evacuate the guests and call the fire department.

Aside from fires, there are other emergency cases where everyone’s safety is given priority. A responsible security guard is always prepared to act upon various kinds of unforeseen incidents, such as:

Guests Passing Out – People can only consume so much alcohol, and if they drink too much, they might pass out. It does not always happen, but it is still best to be ready whenever this occurs. The guard can provide immediate assistance before emergency personnel arrives.

Suspicious Packages – In rare instances, a bag or a box might be left somewhere inside the bar. It can be mistaken for an explosive device, which can cause the customers to panic. A reliable security guard can assess the situation calmly and reassure everyone that everything is under control. Another one from their ranks can call cops to help check the contents of the suspicious package or remove it from the establishment.

Earthquakes – Bars and other commercial establishments should have a protocol for earthquake scenarios. The main concern should be how to evacuate everyone to a safe location and prevent them from panicking. Security guards are among the ones who should lead the way in case this disaster hits.


Many types of accidents can happen inside the club’s perimeter. A guest might slip and fall on the floor because of intoxication, or another customer might drop their glass on the ground unintentionally. Outside the building itself, someone might accidentally hit another vehicle while parking or driving. During these instances, people might get injured or some personal properties might be damaged.

While accidents are inevitable, a trained guard should know how to respond to such situations appropriately. They should calmly assess what happened and immediately act based on what they learned during their training.

These are the main safety concerns inside bars and clubs that security personnel should respond to. If you want to hire licensed guards who know how to act upon the situations given above, United Security Guards can help. Contact us today if you wish to employ competent security personnel for your bar or club in Arizona.

How Many Security Guards Should You Employ?

The number of security personnel you should employ is not easy to determine. After all, too few guards may not be enough to foster a safe and secure environment inside the club. If there are too many of them, however, it might make your guests uncomfortable.

As a rule of thumb, you should always have someone stationed at the door and another one inside the establishment itself. You can add more based on your needs. However, when deciding how many guards you should hire, it is best to take various factors into account. They include the size of the crowd your club can accommodate, as well as the type of establishment you operate.